Join the UK Implementation Network!

The Colebrooke Centre has been providing leadership to the establishment of an independent, non-profit Network and professional society for the UK. The UK Implementation Network will bring together practitioners, policy-makers, funders and researchers interested in implementation science, practice and research and who want to develop capacity in the field. We’re delighted to announce that the UK Implementation Network (UK-IN) has now formed and has launched its own website.

At a first exploratory meeting in April 2013, 18 practice leaders from public and voluntary sectors, policy makers and researchers with a strong interest in the implementation field met at the Nuffield Foundation in London to discuss the need for a network and to begin to formulate plans for its establishment. Small groups worked on terms of reference and website development, as well as a programme for early activities, and the network is now open for members.

The Network will be affiliated with the newly established Global Implementation Initiative, which aims to provide a platform for the encouragement and development of implementation science and practice across the world, and will link to various other regional groupings that are currently forming, including a European Implementation Collaborative, and groups in Scandinavia, the United States, Australia and Ireland.

The UK Implementation Network will hold an official launch event for members and guests in central London on 20th October 2014. Contact the network by email or visit the website for more information or to join the network.