June 2014

Recently published on the Department for Education’s website, Payment by Results in Children’s Centres Evaluation, completed in March 2013 by Frontier Economics in collaboration with The Colebrooke Centre and funded by the Department for Education. Click here for the report and research brief.

Click here for an article on the findings published in Children and Young People Now.

February 2014

The Colebrooke Centre, in collaboration with the University of Warwick Medical School has this month published a substantial report on the impact and implementation evaluation of My Baby’s Brain for Hertfordshire County Council. Developed by Hertfordshire County Council’s Childhood Support Services, My Baby’s Brain is based on Five to Thrive, a ‘5-a-day’ style model developed by Kate Cairns Associates, intended to convey in simple, accessible language, to parents of very young children, the principles of attachment and the direct impact they have on a baby’s brain development. It recommends that parents focus on five ‘building blocks for a healthy brain’ when interacting with young babies: Respond, Cuddle, Relax, Play and Talk. The multi-disciplinary initiative has proved to be highly successful, with strong impacts on practitioner knowledge and confidence, and much useful learning for the field of implementation. Read the executive summary and the full report here.


The Colebrooke Centre is delighted to announce that it has, in partnership with Adoption UK, won the competitively-tendered commission from the Department for Education to carry out a market review and implementation analysis to support the new Adoption Support Fund. The Adoption Support Fund is a major systems change initiative intended to stimulate the development of the therapeutic adoption support market and to provide smoother and faster parent-led access to high quality appropriate therapeutic support for families facing difficulties. Click here for the project summary.


The Colebrooke Centre is very pleased to be able to make available the report of a review, commissioned by Brighton and Hove City Council, of the services that might be used by adoptive parents as part of the Council’s development of a multi-agency city-wide strategy for post-adoption support. At a time when the coalition government has a renewed emphasis on adoption support, the report provides valuable strategic insight into the local adoption support system. Karen Devine, Team Manager for Adoption & Permanence at Brighton and Hove and the lead commissioner of the project, said:

“The Colebrooke Centre’s analysis of our post-adoption support system was very helpful in highlighting how we can strengthen local provision and cross-agency working and in identifying the key issues we needed to address in the development and implementation of a city-wide strategy for post-adoption support. Their work with us was a highly effective and constructive partnership and we are now taking forward many of the recommendations in their report.”

Click here for the project summary, click here for the full report, and click here for a summary for adoptive parents.


The Colebrooke Centre has been commissioned by Adoption UK, one of the leading providers of adoption support services, to carry out work to help to strengthen and develop key areas of service provision. The methodology uses an innovative approach to theory of change development, which we are currently co-developing with a number of family support organisations. Click here for more information.


December 2013

This month The Colebrooke Centre is delighted to be publishing a substantial report on the development of an Overarching Impact Measure for family support providers, written by Deborah Ghate and Patricia Moran, based on a major pro-bono project for Home-Start UK. Click here for the full project report, summaries for technical and non-technical readers, and background information on the Parent Coping Scale.

The Colebrooke Centre is delighted to be collaborating with Queens University Belfast on a randomised control trial of the Safeguarding and Analysis Assessment Framework (SAAF), funded by the Department for Education. The Colebrooke Centre will be leading the element of the evaluation that focuses on the implementation of SAAF in a group of Local Authorities across England.

November 2013

New publications on systems leadership

The reports of a landmark study on systems leadership led by The Colebrooke Centre have now been published. Leadership is one of the key drivers of implementation. This research, the first major study of systems leadership (leading across multiple services and systems) in public services, was commissioned by the Virtual Staff College and carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Health Enterprise, Cass Business School, City University London. A Synthesis Paper and a set of supplementary papers are now available. See details

September 2013

New project working with Family Links

The Colebrooke Centre has begun an 18-month project for Family Links, to support further research and development of the Family Links Nurturing Programme which is widely used in local authorities across England and Wales. Using an implementation lens, we will work with Family Links stakeholders to explore and develop the programme’s theory of change and its implementation model, and explore options for developing a single overarching measure of the programme’s impact on parents. We are keen to make contact with any local authorities or research teams who have been conducting local research on the programme: please contact Susan Mould if you can help us!

August 2013

The Second Biennial Global Implementation Conference

… took place August 19th -21st Washington DC: Colebrooke Centre staff were involved in the planning for this event. See globalimplementation.org for resources from the conference.


New talks and presentations: Implementing evidence-based practice: a European perspective on culture and context



Developing and promoting evidence-informed and evidence-based policy and practice: strategies and methods for supporting services



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